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Join NAIFA & Advocate for Your Business!

ADVOCATE - State, Intersate, Federal
Is your business going to pay for COVID? What about your clients' retirement?

We often say that until you can afford your own lobbyist to advocate for your financial services practice, you need NAIFA. Our state & federal government relations teams fight to ensure a fair regulatory environment in which you can practice & advocate for favorable laws for your clients' financial security. We help you get involved in the political process so that your voice can make a difference.
We need your voice--now more than ever.

EDUCATE - Continuous Performance
We offer continuous education across a wide variety of topics & through a variety of different formats--in-person, virtual  & more to fit your schedule. From a national monthly meeting to an annual meeting, we have what you need for sales ideas, inspiration & topics in practice management at every stage of your career and your business' lifecycle.

DIFFERENTIATE - Your Brand, Our Nation
NAIFA offers you a platform to consumers, within your community, your state & nationally to showcase your own brand, your expertise & your passion. Whether you are earning designations, winning awards, writing for our magazine, speaking or volunteering, we have a multitude of ways for you to differentiate yourself as an exceptional financial services professional who abides by a Code of Ethics and is committed to increasing the financial security of America.

Consider Joining the Community that Cares
With a new administration in place, with a huge deficit from COVID to pay and so many Americans without the proper risk protection products and financial advice, there has never been a better time or reason to join NAIFA.

Many people tell us that they didn't join NAIFA because no one asked.

We are asking. Please consider joining NAIFA right now. Join your professional association and take the steps to ensure that we can continue to advocate at the state, interstate and federal levels to protect your business--and the wealth of your clients.

We invite you to join us as a member and belong to the community that cares. Your membership fees will cover access to your local chapter or affiliate, state chapter and national organization. Your fees include a monthly membership meeting with top speakers, local and chapter events, members-only webinars and publications. Plus, your name will appear to consumers in our Find an Advisor directory as an advisor that ascribes to a Code of Ethics.