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Congratulations Nebraska! 2018 State Award Winner!

As a member of NAIFA, you understand that the most important function for NAIFA is impacting laws and regulations affecting the products that NAIFA members sell and customers need. Also, you know that NAIFA’s advocacy programs, IFAPAC and Grassroots, are the first lines of offense and defense for its members.

I am very proud to report that NAIFA Nebraska has received recognition for two of the 2018 IFAPAC State Awards!

  • 2018 IFAPAC Percent Participation (Nebraska was 4th in the Nation)
  • 2018 Average IFAPAC Contribution (Nebraska was 5th in the Nation)

Way to Go Nebraska!!!
These milestones are a huge success for Nebraska! Thank you so much to everyone that contributed in 2018!!!

Let’s Keep the Momentum Going in 2019!
Overall, NAIFA Nebraska is doing very well and leading the way on a national level as a strong IFAPAC supporter!

In order to continue and increase NAIFA’s Advocacy efforts to protect our businesses and clients, we need support from all of our members:

  • If you have never contributed to IFAPAC…what are you waiting for? Now is the time to get involved to ensure you have a business in the future. We implore you to begin contributing to IFAPAC.

  • If you have contributed to IFAPAC in the past…Thank you! You realize just how important NAIFA’s Advocacy efforts are and have seen how your contributions make a difference. We encourage you begin contributing to IFAPAC again.

  • If you are currently contributing to IFAPAC…Again Thank You!!! NAIFA’s Advocacy success is due to your generous support. We challenge you to step-up your 2019 Contribution Club Level by either increasing your monthly IFAPAC contribution amount or giving an additional annual amount.

Contributing to IFAPAC is Easy!
Simply complete the online step-by-step process “Contribute to IFAPAC Online," or print and complete the “IFAPAC 3 Easy Ways to Contribute Form.”

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 308.530.3232 or via email at

Thank you for being a member of NAIFA Nebraska! We wouldn’t be successful without each and every one of you!!!


Mark A. Mendenall