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War Chest Online Contribution

NAIFA is pleased to announce that contributions to NAIFA’s War Chest can now be made directly online. War Chest funds are used to fund high priority – often emergency -- legislative and regulatory initiatives that exceed NAIFA’s budget. 

Funds can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Educate your clients and colleagues about the current legislative environment
  • Enhance public relations efforts
  • Promote to Congress the benefit of value-added services provided by the private sector
  • Communicate with the Administration and with members of Congress about the service agent-advisors provide
  • Support grassroots participation in NAIFA’s Day on the Hill

The War Chest differs from the Insurance and Financial Advisor Political Action Committee (IFAPAC). IFAPAC raises money to support candidates running for Congress. IFAPAC helps get the right people elected. The War Chest helps deliver the right message. 

Members who are unable to participate in IFAPAC due to “Pay-to-Play” rules can offer support/contributions to the War Chest. Any NAIFA member or non-member is eligible to contribute with no restrictions. 

Support of the NAIFA War Chest is essential to enhancing NAIFA’s lobbying activities and ensuring programs that benefit the overall mission are successfully implemented.

Contributions to the War Chest are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Click Here to make a NAIFA War Chest Online Contribution!