Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame Award was established in 1959 to recognize a NAIFA-Omaha member for outstanding contributions to the industry over the course of a career. 

Carol Anderson

Joseph Barker III

Sheldon I. Barnett

Robert. W. Billig

W.S. ‚“Pen” Butterfield

Frederic L.A. Cady

Paul Cottingham

Forrest Croxson

George E. Deras

Charles L. Doane, Sr.

Charles Doane, Jr.

Duane Demaree

Bernard Duhaime

Carroll F. Eisenhart

John C. Emery

James A. Farber

K.E. Fridrich

Raymond J. Gilbreath

Carrol F. Hackett

Terry K. Headley

Lyle Japp

Mark R. Jefferson

Arthur Jetter, Jr.

Wesley A. Jones

Paul C. Kaul

F. Nicholas Kelley

Ralph Kiplinger

Michael J. Lynch, Sr.

Carl G. Mammel

James C. McGill

H. Neil Mecaskey

Paul Miller

Conn W. Moose

Robert Murphy

Gaylord Mussman

Robert M. Nelson


Will F. Noble

Chuck Olson

William Olson

Rol R. Otis, Jr.

Ned G. Patrick

Robert M. Patrick

Patrick J. Ramaekers

Henry B. Ramsey

Don R. Schaefer

Daniel Scholz

Donald L. Sharp

Sam B. Starrett, Jr.

Robert C. Stineman

R. Ed Toohey

Winslow Van Brunt

Hugh E. Wallace

Addision W. Wilson

Thomas Wilkinson

Edward A. Wurth


Agent of the Year

The NAIFA-Omaha Agent of the Year Award is presented annually to a member who has a strong record in production — in service to the local and national insurance industry — and in service to the community.

Past Agent of the Year Recipients include:

1971 George E. Deras

1972 Joseph Barker III

1973 Carl G. Mammel

1974 (None Given)

1975 Donald L. Sharp

1976 W.S. “Pen” Butterfield

1977 J. Armistead Tyler Browning

1978 Don Schaefer

1979 Robert Schropp

1980 Mark Jeff erson

1981 Robert W. Billig

1982 Rolland R. Otis, Jr.

1983 Michael J. Lynch

1984 Patrick J. Ramaekers

1985 James A. Farber

1986 Charles L. Doane, Jr.

1987 Robert M. Patrick

1988 (None Given)

1989 Robert E. Mundy

1990 T. Gary Potthoff

1991 Robert M. Nelson

1992 Richard A. Kerns

1993 Terry K. Headley

1994 Mark A. Weber

1995 Lewis A. Doane

1996 Keith A. Deras

1997 James C. Semerad

1998 Daniel J. Scholz

1999 Mary Pat Heck

2000 F. Joseph Vlock

2001 Carol A. Anderson

2002 Richard A. Strevey

2003 Jeff rey D. Sharp

2004 Randall W. Baker

2005 Rodney E. Jewell

2006 Michael W. Struebing

2007 James Lammers

2008 Charles M. “Chuck” Olson

2009 F. Nicholas Kelley

2010 Jeri L. Regan

2011 Ruth K. Wassinger

2012 G. Gregory Wilson

2013 David Koll

2014 Preston Speece

2015 Charles Olson II

2016 Doug Hoops

2017 Nick Ramaekers


Quality of Life Award

The Quality of Life Award is presented annually to a NAIFA-Omaha member in recognition of the member’s outstanding contributions in the realm of community service, and in appreciation of the member’s efforts to improve the “quality of life” within our community.

Past recipients of the NAIFA-Omaha Quality of Life Award include:

J.A. Abels

Joseph Barker III

Jim Christensen, Jr.

James C. Ebers

Carl Grasso

Stephen L. Howard

Paul Jensen

Rodney E. Jewell

F. Nicholas Kelley

James B. Lammers

Byron McFarland

Jay Meneely, Jr.

Mike Murphy

Ronald H. Niederhaus

Richard Raasch

Patrick J. Ramaekers

Robert Schropp

Jeff rey Sharp

Lisa Skinner

Thomas L. Wilkinson




Endowed Scholarships

Five outstanding high school seniors from the Greater Omaha area are selected annually to receive college scholarships from NAIFA-Omaha and the NAIFA-Nebraska Foundation. Recipients are selected based on academic performance, character, and leadership, with preference being given to students interested in furthering their education in courses of study such as business/management/finance, education, marketing/sales, or actuarial studies. Children of NAIFA-Omaha members are not eligible for the program.

The five scholarships are funded through endowments to the NAIFA-Nebraska Foundation. The donors listed have contributed a minimum of $10,000 to fund a permanently endowed scholarship.

Bob and Betsy Nelson Endowed Scholarship

NAIFA-Omaha member Bob Nelson has spearheaded the NAIFA-Nebraska Foundation’s efforts to establish the NAIFA-Nebraska Endowed Scholarship Program, which is unique among NAIFA associations across the country. Bob served as president of NAIFA-Omaha in 1973, and he also served as NAIFA-Nebraska president and was NAIFA-Omaha Agent of the Year in 1991. In 2001-02 he served as national president of the NAIFA Federation, and is one of only three Nebraskans to serve in this leadership role. Bob was inducted into the NAIFA-Omaha “Hall of Fame” in January, 2003.

Robert C. “Spike” Stineman Endowed Scholarship

“Spike” served as Washington National Insurance Company’s group sales representative for the NE-IA region for more than 30 years until his retirement in 1989. During the course of his career, Spike received the company’s highest award for sales production three times. He was a member of the NAIFA-Omaha Hall of Fame, and served as NAIFA-Omaha president in 1976-77. He served an unprecedented seven 3-year terms as NAIFA-Nebraska national committeeman. In 2000, Spike was awarded the State Association’s prestigious Distinguished Service Award. He passed away in May of 2012.

George Deras Memorial Scholarship

George Deras spent 35 years in the life insurance industry, leading his company in sales volume and number of policies sold. He was active in NAIFA at both the State and local levels; he was NAIFA-Omaha Agent of the Year in 1971 and was later inducted into our Hall of Fame. He died from cancer in 1984 at the age of 56. Two of his children, Keith Deras and Jeri Deras Regan, are members of NAIFA-Omaha. Jeri Regan served as NAIFA-Omaha president in 2003-04, and was recognized as NAIFA-Omaha Agent of the Year for 2010. Keith Deras is a past Agent of the Year, having received this honor in 1996.

Mutual of Omaha Bob Boyd Memorial Scholarship

Bob Boyd was an Advanced Markets Consultant at Mutual of Omaha for many years before his untimely death from cancer. Despite having passed away in 1994, his influence continues to be felt throughout the company. His true gift to his associates was that of inspiration — to more fully embrace the noble mission of the life insurance career, which has served many so richly over their lives.

William Emanuel Endowed Scholarship

Bill Emanuel was a longtime NAIFA member and supporter who passed away in November 2008. He held numerous leadership positions in the Fremont and State Associations and was NAIFA-Nebraska president in 1975-76.

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