NAIFA-Nebraska Foundation

Mission Statement

The NAIFA-Nebraska Foundation, a not-for-profit Charitable Foundation, exists to inform and educate the general public regarding the benefits of life insurance and closely related financial products.

The NAIFA-Nebraska Foundation is a Charitable Foundation, in that it collects and administers charitable funds under section 501(c)(3) of IRS tax code.  Technically, it is a charity.  Gifts of money from private and corporate donors are used by the Foundation or channeled to a variety of organizations or entities that primarily and directly benefit the general public.

The Foundation was established in 1984.  The sources of funds are the gifts and bequests from individuals, families, corporations, and other non-profit organizations. 

The NAIFA-NE Foundation serves the Insurance and Financial Services Industry and the public in three major ways:

1) Soliciting gifts and bequests from individuals, families, corporations, and other nonprofit organizations.                   
2) Managing assets for optimum return and perpetuity of the donor’s intentions.
3) Distributing funds for charitable and educational purposes. 

Annual Grants

Annual grants are given to graduates of NAIFA's Leadership in Life Institute (depending on annual gifts)

Endowed scholarships are currently awarded on behalf of five local associations:

Robert 'Spike' Stineman Scholarship
George Deras Scholarship
Bob and Betsy Nelson Scholarship
Bob Boyd Scholarship
William R. Emanuel Scholarship

NAIFA-Nebraska Heartland
Don and Carol Johnson Scholarship

Steve Anderson Scholarship

N.W. Jerry Solomon Scholarship
Dave and Linda Sundberg Family Scholarship

NAIFA-Nebraska Panhandle
Lewis D. Zemanek Scholarship

How your support can help

Expanded Endowed Scholarship Program

Enhanced support for Leadership in Life Institite (LILI), enabling more members to participate

Increased visibility for NAIFA and the role of agents